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The Blind Audition Method – Management Can Take the Prejudice Out of Hiring.

Hiring for results should be independent of the gender, the facial features, race, the ethnicity, the skin color, the age, the religion, the weight, the hair and dress style, or other features that do not have relevance to talent and performance. Subconscious biases are difficult to root out. These biases can result in hiring less qualified people simply because they look or act like us.

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California Labor Code Violations Produce Big Damages through Private Attorney General Act [PAGA]

Seemingly minor California Labor Code violations can produce millions of dollars in damages through the use of The California Private Attorney General Act, known as “PAGA.” The Act allows private attorneys to collect fines previously collected only by the Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Now employers are seeing much more aggressive enforcement–exactly what the law intends.

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