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Which of the following violations do you believe were committed by your employer?

DISCRIMINATIONCompare treatment your received to treatment accorded persons different than you in age, race, disability, medical leave, pregnancy, etc.
RETALIATIONHarm done because of (or related closely in time to) your objection to employer conduct.
DefamationA false statement hurting your good work reputation made with no reasonable basis to believe the statement to be true.
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Wage & Hour ViolationsUnpaid Wages, including overtime. This claim can also include meal & rest break violations, and even such wrongs as failure to provide proper seating at retail work stations.
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MISCLASSIFICATIONTwo Types of Misclassification: as exempt from overtime pay AND/OR as not an employee because labeled an "independent contractor."

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CLASS ACTIONA common violation typical of all employees and affecting many persons with similar duties.

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