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California Disability Accommodation at Work

Disability can be invisible to the observer — such as a glandular condition, a mental disorder, or a history of cancer.


Answer with “yes” or “no” the following short series of questions:

  1. Do you have a disability, defined for purposes of this question as any condition, mental or physical, that may render the performance of work more difficult?

If “yes,” proceed to the next question.

  1. Were you either an applicant for employment or an employee for the Company that may have violated your accommodation rights?

If “yes,” proceed to the next question.

  1. Has either a medical, psychiatric, psychological or other expert diagnosed your condition?

If “yes,” proceed to the next question.

  1. Do you believe your medical or psychiatric provider would support your case for accommodation by providing a statement of the disability and a statement of the needed accommodations?

If “yes,” proceed to the second short section of 3 sections.


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