Here is my comment to the article:  “Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say” from Business Week Magazine:

This is a well crafted article based on real experience.  I see hundreds of performance reviews and manager emails in my practice, and I attest to the accuracy of “bad manager” profile.  Good managers practice a combination of “truth” and “grace.”  When an employee is not meeting a standard of performance, they communicate the need for improvement, but  they also communicate a sincere desire to help the employee reach a higher level of skill and competence.  They communicate implicitly that they respect and like the employee while also addressing the particular performance issue.  They “back-up” that attitude with real encouragement and cooperation in assisting the employee to make the improvement happen.  

Some recommendations:  Use personality screening tests before promoting managers.  Do a background check with persons the manager has managed at other companies.  Get feedback from current co-workers about a candidate’s relational skills.  Use 360 degree anonymous feedback after hiring or promotion to anticipate problems.  In interviews, question candidates with hypothetical work situations to see how they would likely respond.  Set up measures for the manager on relational abilities at work.   If the manager is open to change, and is self-aware of relational problems, provide him with a performance coach and additional training.  But if a manager is sucking the life out of his team by authoritarian, fear-based tactics, remove him from the position before he causes more harm.