Club One Casino is alleged by a discrimination complaint filed by Casino workers to have reduced their hours of employment because of their Asian race and ancestry.  The Action is filed in Fresno County Superior Court of California.A separate suit, filed by the same firm against the same casino alleges age discrimination against older work guards, dealers, and restaurant workers, who were allegedly replaced by younger workers.

All this trouble allegedly started with the ascension of a new casino owner, Kyle Kirkland in 2008.

Is the economy contributed to worker disgruntlement and the filing of more lawsuits?  Yes.  Charges of discrimination have never been higher, with 35,890 race discrimination complaints filed with the EEOC in 2010, and around 24,000 age discrimination complaints during 2008-10.

Odds are that if you were an employer during 2007-2011, you will be sued by a laid off worker claiming the layoff had discriminatory motives hidden beneath the surface objective of reducing costs.